Making a Friend With a Full Head of Hair

Gorillas and Men both have hair!! Anthoony Mooch man is irrelevant at this point.

Give Us Your Bananas The MOOCH is not a character in Happy Days, though he sounds and LOOKS like he might be, on account of his shiny hair.
Very Importand Announcement

Here's a Word from our CEO

"I used to be a monkey without any friendz, but then I grew a mullet, and I gotta tell you, The Mooch came by to be my friend. That's why I'm CEO." - Murdoc, a Gorilla

 class Charity extends Component {    
     getMoneys() {
         return this.state.moneys
     render() {
         return (
                 Donations: {this.getMoneys()}
We Use Technology, to Change the World

Code runs everything in our business, from the monkeys to the mooches.

The secret to our success is 100 coding monkeys, constantly browsing the internet and only using startup tools that have the word monkey in the name, like Survey Monkey or Mailchimp.

Type or Die
Audience Spotlight

“Help me. Mark keeps pointing at me and I don't like it. It makes me uncomfortable.”

Kitty, from the Front Row, on The Mooch Befriends Gorillaz

Haircuts For Gorillas?

No! We want them to have a _full_ head of hair.

Alt-left is a false equivalence

One believes that only white people have a right to exist, the other wants free healthcare and college.

Dentists are Scary

Listen, we are all scared of the dentist. Let's not talk about it.

Spoiler Alert

In the last scene of the Sopranos, they are just eating at a diner and then it ends, and it's like, did he die or what? Did Tony Soprano get killed? I think it's shitty when people end shows like that.

Please Stop Shouting During the Show

It makes it fun, but it also makes it too long some times.

Data Makes Monkeys Happy

Data is how you get friends -- I recommend using data to get friends.

Monkey Business

We have three different support levels, so that you can donate in the way that you're comfortable.


Small Monkeys, Small Checks


Big Weird Red Monkeys, Big Weird Checks


He went too big, so he went home.

Something else someone said:

“You're not a hunter. You're a murderer! And I don't want any part of this!”

Garth, Mighty Joe Young

This is the *final* final show!

Glad you could make it out

One day (soon) you'll tell your children and your children's children that you were HERE, TONIGHT!

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