Pussy Lives

Supporting No Kill Shelters, Which Are a Thing That Everybody Knows About In South Carolina

Pay Money To Not Kill Cats? Putin is a controversial figure in this country of America, but everyone loves Pussy is my understanding.
Notes From an *Alleged* Serial Abuser

"I'm Bill Cosby, and if there's one thing I'd never do, it's kill a kitten."

-Bill Cosby, For Some Reason

 1,500 People Extorted
 $1,000 Extorted Per Person on Average
 $1,500,000 Raised For Putin's New Jersey Home
 20 Minutes Wasted By Mark Tonight Trying To Play A Song
What happens if you don't pay?

Some kittens just may get into some kind of ... accident.

Think of this like the classic racketeering scheme of La Costra Nosa Fame. We will kill cats unless you pay us?

It's Called Protection
What's Putin really up to?

“A lot of people think he's up to know good--between hacking the American Election, being a former KGB agent, and riding bears or whatever.”

Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's maybelline.

Bing.com, on Putin's Pussies


Nobody has a right to die in dignity, especially cats

It's a tax write off

Something about Putin?

Something to brag about

The internet is mainly for sharing cat photos.

More Cats = Fewer Birds

Cats are notoriously invasive pests that decimate local wildlife.

They Last Forever

Unlike cats, but cats could last longer.


When you upload a cat to the cloud, it lives forever (fictionally...)

Choose your own ad-gift-ure

Pick a sponsorship that works right for you

1/2 Cat

Two People can save one cat!

1 Cat

Wow, you really did the best you could.

A Whole Litter

Oh man, so many.

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