Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yes, that, but backwards.

Grow Hair Now Phil Jackson is a basketball man who people like and dislike and he is also a man who wrote for Key and Peele. These men are probably different men.
The purpose of this charity is to GIVE facial hair, that is not made clear by our slogan

A Word From Our Progenitor

"Back in the day when I played with basketballs, I had one hell of a mustache. But now, mustaches are out and beards are in. I needed help, but thanks to my successful career, I had the money to achieve it. Others are not so lucky."

 (defun charity (N)
    "Give money"
    (if (or (zerop N) (= N 1))
      (+ (charity (- N 1)) (charity (- N 2)))))
Please to initiate wire transfer?

Only a dollar a follicle!

We need money to sustain our efforts to collect more money

I just want the paper, the Visa, capiche?
This is our mission

“The technology to grow hair on anything:”

Both land and water mammals!, on Phil Jackson Helps People Grow Beards

Make your face LOUD

Shave down for what?

Clean your conscience

You know what you've done

Is your face only 'OK?'

Upgrade that mug

Caring... in the cloud

It's a buzzword so you know it's important

Hair that *doesn't* get in your eyes

'Cause it's on your face

Roll deep

If everyone else donated, wouldn't you?

How much money you got?

We'll take as much as you'll give us


Do you even have stable housing, bro?


You have more money than this...

Modicum of Human Decency

Do you want grants? Because that's how you get grants.

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