Turtles Give Back

Turtles Give SHell?

Give those turtles hell, boy. Martin Lawrence owns several galleries that nobody knows about, but another Martin Lawrence is an acting man who makes the FUNNY and makes the MONEY.
Wait, what's going on with Turtles?

Let's not forget that the turtles are in danger.

"Turtles can either have hard or soft shells. It really doesnt matter. Theyre equally delicious." -The Other Martin Lawrence, who owns galleries

 #!SHELL /usr/bin/bash
 IF [ $money -ne 1000000 ]
   EXPORT money=$(add $money $suckers_money) 
 ECHO gotchall
How will this money be used?

Plastics are the future

We need to replace turtle shells with something stronger and more flexible, like plastic.

Pay that monah.
An actual Twitter posting

“I want a finger monkey!”

@RelatableQuote (followed by M. Law)

Bing.com, on Martin Lawrence Saves the Turtles

Scramble the jets

We're gonna save some shell

Chicks dig charity

It's almost like riding a motorcycle

Turtles don't have paws

Or do they?

Loading feature

Please wait...

Avoid eye slashing

Lack of donation may lead to getting yourself cut

Finally a problem you can fix

Endangered turtles

How much money you got?

We'll take as much as you'll give us


Do you even have stable housing, bro?


You have more money than this...

Modicum of Human Decency

Do you want grants? Because that's how you get grants.

This is the final seminar!

Thank you for joining us on this very special occasion

It's also been 1.5 billion seconds since the start of epoch time!

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