Don't Feel Bad, Give Us Your Money

This Presidency is a nightmare

Let's just take some drugs? Joe Biden is a handsome man and he is what can I say that's not about his dead son?

Deleware is the best place for Corporations

They essentially do not have any laws

 class Charity extends Component {
     getMoneys() {
         return this.state.moneys
     render() {
         return (
                 Donations: {this.getMoneys()}
Welp, there were some technical difficulties

This is a show about programming

Here's something that looks like the matrix to reinforce that fact.

Code Rulez
More Audience Quotes

“"We all voted for Trump. Please just let us live our lives."”

A bunch of idiots., on Joe Biden Helps With Trumpers' Remorse

62,979,879 people in the United States voted for Trump

Let's explore some of the reasons why they might have done that

They're Rich

The rich can relate to Donald Trump's richness, and he promises to not charge them any taxes, since we all know the poor can take care of that

The alt-right

The Alt-Right thinks they are the master race, which is why they love Nazi cosplay so much

Deaf, Dumb, or Blind

But mostly dumb... I can't imagine the Deaf or Blind like him


Some people just want to see the world burn, and thought it would be cool if Trump fucked up so bad we all died in some sort of atonement for our sins.

#Startup Bros

I deserve everything I have. I earned it all myself. My race and sex has nothing to do with it.

Quora Users

I read on this Quora question once that Trump was actually ok.

Did you donate to Trump?

Then make up for it by donating to a cause that, instead of focusing on real issues like healthcare, merely makes people who voted for Trump feel better. In all honesty, it's not much worse than donating to the Democrats.

#MAGA Snapback Hat

You just bought the hat -- that's not too bad.

Confederate Flag Waver

You lost. Get over it.

Papa John Himself

Better ingredients, Better pizza, Superior white genetics

Audience Quote:

“I, an audience member from this very show, voted for Trump. Joe Biden helped me get over the huge mistake I made. I feel so #woke and #relieved that I don't even feel guilty about not going to #BLM rallies anymore.”

One Random Audience Member

The mascot is here!

Commemorative Quarters

Get Them Now to commemorate an embarassing time in American History!

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