Let them swim free

Dolphins that is!

Jared LETO is not Jay Leno Jared Leto was batman in a movie all my friends said was unwatchable and I was like, hey I am v poor, so it's ok for me to miss this one.
A Celebrity Endorsement

From A Sentient Croissant with Cold Feet

My favorite socks are a reference to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. In that series, Dolphins are aliens that were involved in the experiment that was the Earth. That's why they need to be saved.

 class CharityController < ApplicationController
     include Everybody
     def give
         @cache = 'usd'
         charity = Donation.find_or_create_by(currency: @cache)
         render json: {}
Coincidentally, this is a space background

Programming = How You Make Money

Without money we would be unable to collect more money, for dolphins??

Kyle Moonie
Jared Leto, He Really Loves Dolphins

“Hi, I'm Jared Leto. I've recently come out of a five-year relationship. It was pretty devastating, but I've found my solace in the [blowhole?] of a dolphin.”

Jared "Dolphin Lover" Leto

Bing.com, on Jared Leto Saves the Dolphins

How Are Dolphins At Risk?

Ships Hit Them

The sonar interacts badly with their eccolocation.

By Living Unsatisfactory, Small Lives

Just another cog in the wheel.

Not Clean Enough

Then they can't get laid! *HIGH FIVE*

Too much internet

Dank dolphin memes and also dolphin porno

Boat Anchors

Yes, it's arguably a subset of ships.


This fact is not loading, for some reason?

We're taking high school rings too

It's a stick up, stick up


You're really throwing our budget out of whack here


The fuck dude, seriously, the fuck?


Hanging out the passenger side of your best friend's ride

I'll Admit It

“I sometimes dress up as a dolphin. The main reason I do that is to trick women into swimming with me.”

Jared "Dolphin-Pretender" Leto

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