Donald Wants You to Give Money to Tone Deafness

They can sing, but not very good. I've sang with some of the best singers, the best out there a lot of people say, and I know good music.

Contribute Your Money Because I Will Not Donald Trump is very good at hearing music, I think, and he's great and I think he likes Kid Rock?
Trump is Bad and We Will Get Sued For This

Some Praise For Donald Trump's Charity

"People have said that Beethoven, the composer, was tone-deaf towards the end of his life. I, for one, believe that's fake news. Beethoven was the best composer in the world, the best, and if you dont't know that, then I think you're tone-deaf." - The Kid from the movie, Beethoven

 0 Walls Built
 0 Taxes Paid
 0 People Trump Cares About (Not Named Trump)
 1 People Trump Cares About (Named Trump)
 4 Minutes Mark Spent Singing About CSS
 40% Done Destroying The American Healthcare System
A Personal Story of Tragedy

Donald Trump Talks About His Youth

"When I was a child, nobody gave me anything. I wasn't some silver-spoon New York elite. I was just like you and I built a multi-billion dollar, one of the most valuable companies in the world. My family's cleaning lady was a terrible singer so I told my father Fred Trump that she was stealing and she was fired."

Might As Well Donate
Repeat After Me

“Do, Ray, Me, Fah, So, La, Tee, Do You Know Who My Dad Is?”

This is how you learn to use tones correctly., on Donald Trump Stops Tone-Deafness

Some People Can''t Hear At All

This Charity is not for those types of people.

It's a tax write off

This is something Trump understands very well.

Something to brag about

Trump sure brags a lot...seems to work for him.

Trump Misses Driving

But he never misses an episode of anything on Fox News.

It's About Justice

Mainly because of how Trump is destroying it in America and charities need to subsidize it.

Don't be an idiot

Gosh, just give already, geez

Trump Would Find a Way To Pay Less

But you can't, because you're just a normal person with a heart.


Is that the best that you can do?


Everybody knows you could afford more.

Decent Person

This money will be diverted to a big, big wall, with the word Trump written on it.

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