All Raisins, No Pitts

Don't be raisin, eat Brad Pitt's Raisins

Raisins are tasty and never have pits I don't think maybe those are dates. Or peaches? Or something I am not an improviser like Glenn Close.

"For you, it might be a nice snack in a small old-timey cardboard package. To you, it might just be little _ants_ sprinkled on your _log_. To us, it is genocide. Do not eat raisins, unless of course they are Brad Pitts's."

The California Raisin

Not only are raisins both bouyant and technically edible...


of Americans eat


cowboys are ridden instead of horses anually


of raisins are food



Quit horsing around! Raisin up against the tyranny of flavorful foods, on Brad Pitt Sells Raisins

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