Words That You See!

Not to be confused with the TASTE you can see!

Take the "Literacy Test" This is a charity to help literacy and wouldn't it be funy if there were tpoyos
Missed Shun Statement

"When I went into acting I neglected my childhood passion of teaching people to read. I’ve taught reading from a young age, and you should too."

Take a look! It's in a book!

     PERFORM UNTIL Moneys = 1000000000
         ADD 1 TO Moneys
     DISPLAY "Money Collected"
     STOP RUN.
Learn 'em some literacy

Read a man a book and he'll fall asleep

Teach a man to read and he'll incur library fines

Write a check - they come in books
Here's the topical quote:

“"I consider myself to be a literate man, just without the reading acts."”

Andrew Garfield, Very Dumb

Bing.com, on Andrew Garfield Improves Literacy

Go tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Clean your conscience

You know what you've done


It's not just for nerds anymore

People put books in the cloud

It's a buzzword so you know it's important

Save your place in history

People who read are better

Roll deep

If everyone else donated, wouldn't you?

How much money you got?

Still more than the print industry I'll bet


Do you even have stable housing, bro?


This buys so few books


You're gonna be handing out myopia like churros in a subway station

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